Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My friend, Shell Tain, has been working with folks for years around their relationship with money. This woman is really smart about this stuff!

Artists, take advantage of her upcoming teleclass
Can Artists Be Friends With Money?

Shell sez:

As creatives, you just want to be creative! You are passionate about your art, and you want to spend all of your time doing that. You do not want to spend time thinking about how to pay the rent, how to market yourself, and how to create more income. If you want to survive, thrive, and even prosper as an artist, you need to get clear about your relationship with money.

Teleclass: Can Artists Be Friends With Money?

Date: Tuesday, May 4th

Time: 10:15am to 11:15am Pacific (1:15pm 2:15pm Eastern)

Fee: FREE, your only cost for this call is your regular long distance call charge

Money coach, Shell Tain will be with us to point out the money related road blocks that keep us stuck in the mindset of being starving artists. Shell has a no- number-crunching approach to money that helps us see it in new ways. You'll leave this call with some new perspectives and ideas about you, money and about your relationship with it.Rebecca Coleman a freelance theatre publicist in Vancouver, BC, Canada, will co-host the call, stirring up questions and ideas. She is passionate about helping artists to become better business people, and writes about the subject frequently on her blog, The Art of the Business. Together, these two will lead you towards untangling some of the money thinking that keeps road blocking you on your way to being both a creative and a prosperous artist.

Ka-ching! Shell Tain, cpcc, pcc
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