Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I recently noticed that I was almost out of biz cards and postcards. Truth be told, I was tired of the design. Yeah, I know all that stuff about brand recognition and consistency. But sometimes ya just gotta throw out the rules and pick a design that inspires.

I went onto (great resource for inexpensive bizcards and postcards), saw this rainbow, and fell in love. The key is to Google "Vistaprints free postcards" or "Vistaprints free business cards" so that you enter the site in a way that will allow you to get those offerings.

It's a lot of fun browsing through their designs by either style or category. The best category is definitely arts and entertainment. I really wanted to become a DJ after seeing some of the designs for that profession!

Also: when you go to check out, realize that the company is going to try to lure you into tacking on extra doo-jiggies that match your biz cards - everything from rubber stamps to leg warmers.
(Just kidding about the leg warmers). Just frivolous, over-priced stuff. Keep passing over all this stuff until you finalize your order!
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