Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was cleaning out my paper files last night, and I came across a coaching form devised by Leigh Goldberg. The form is called 10 Goals to Reach in 90 Days and here's what it says:
What goals or projects would you most like to complete in the next 90 days? Select well-defined and realistic, while somewhat challenging goals that reflect your core values - what attracts you rather than what you think you should do.
Inspired, I decided to take up the challenge. Here are my 10 goals for the next 90 days:

  1. Find a new job/stream of income that enables me to save X dollars each month.
  2. Barter my organizing services for holistic health counseling or cooking classes.
  3. Barter organizing for personal trainer.
  4. Barter organizing for interior decorator who can help us spruce up our place.
  5. Figure out a way to translate my love for Muppets/puppets into an interesting project.
  6. Find and go to a Havurah or synagogue.
  7. Get a flip camera and start doing mini interviews and puppet appearances for my blog.
  8. Make art.
  9. Update my LinkedIn profile.
  10. Clean up computer files.
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