Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I generally buy flowers instead of plants, only because I've never had a green thumb. So imagine my delight when a plant a bought - we'll call her Divine Violet - lasted for more than a week. Even after her blooms withered and dropped, the green plant part kept on living and I felt Divine was worth keeping around even without her flowers.

After one of the recent big heat waves and some negligence on my part, Divine Violet keeled over in her pot. I'm not talking about minor wiltage; she had bit the dust - or so it seemed. My first thought was "Another plant gone by the wayside under your care. Just toss it." My next thought was "Get off your butt and get her under water - quick!"

I hopped up from the couch and stuck Divine under the kitchen faucet. I flooded the pot and the glass dish underneath it with H2O. I put her back on the kitchen table and forgot about her.

The next day, I was on the couch reading. I looked up and something green caught my eye. It was Divine Violet, restored to her original glory. I couldn't believe my eyes! This was every bit as good as the Hanukah miracle.

I felt like this miracle was prophetic of many good things to come. One part of my life has died, making way for something new and better to grow in its place.

What in your life has gone by the wayside - A job? A relationship? A way of thinking? What would happen if you ran some water over the ashes of that thing, trusting that something wonderful would come of that act? I dare you to try.
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