Thursday, July 24, 2008


The members of Supreme Soul looked heartbroken when they were voted off America's Best Dance Crew tonight. At least one of the crew's members was in tears as Mario Lopez broke the news.

The show's judges were visibly irked by the fact that the voters had put this dance crew in the bottom two groups to begin with.

In their final performance, Supreme Soul simulated an ice hockey game in a totally creative, engaging way.

I am excited about next week's challenge, one involving Missy Elliott's music videos. Ms. E herself will be there on the show! Missy has been a pioneer in music videos in terms of the way she combines particular kinds of visual imagery and choreography. By the way, I think she would make a grade-A judge for this show. Other folks who would make great ABDC judges are choreographers Hi-Hat and Fatima Robinson.

Photo by Ewan Burns
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