Sunday, June 22, 2008


What happened to that wonderful waitress, Lucy, after the beloved Cafe La Fortuna closed down?

What will happen to the books and employees of the magical Donnell Library while the building they are in is being fancified for their new room-mates/property owners?

What is the singer Natalie Merchant up to these days?

What are Webstarr and Young B of Chicken Noodle Soup fame up to these days?

How can I meet Kenny Ortega, the guy who choreographed and directed Newsies?
I would love to see him at work and interview him for my blog.

Are some of the (former)child actors from Newsies still friends, since they spent so much time together rehearsing all those incredible dance numbers?

Does Jack Black see a parallel between the characters he played in Nacho Libre, School of Rock, and Kung-Fu Panda?

Where is Julie Taymor (pictured above) when she dreams up all her ideas? What is she up to these days?

Will I ever be as flexible as I was when I was ten?

Will I ever realize my dream of having an Arts Loft - a giant space where I bring people together around visual and performing arts? How could I bring myself one step closer to that dream?
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