Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Since the dawn of the Barbie Town House, pink and purple have been my favorite colors. So imagine my delight when, home sick, I opened a package from my mom and found a hot pink puffy parka. Putting it on and zipping it up, I felt my spirits lift in spite of my crummy cold.

Pink, pink, how I love it so . Here are some other Hot Pink Moments:

  • * A few years ago, my dear friend Isabelle sent a gift tucked into a hot pink gift bag adorned with a furry hot pink handle. I kept the bag around for months just so I could look at it.
  • * For three years, I dressed as a Disco Fairy for Halloween. Ensemble included hot pink chiffon dress from early 1970s, complete with fake jewel-encrusted collar and sheer cape-like attachment.

* A bunch of years ago, I bought a hot pink stuffed animal monkey and named it Pink Monkey. The twin boys that I did childcare for loved Pink Monkey so much that I gave it to them. Last week, I was perusing a Brooklyn shop for children and found a smaller version of Pink Monkey. Brought it home where it sits on a shelf next to hippos George and Martha and the rest of the animal gang.


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