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Sara June Gilmore in Her Salon
Q:  How did you get the idea to start your own salon?

A: I was working for a great salon called Soon Beauty Lab in Carroll Gardens for two years and had built a large following there. I fell in love with Brooklyn and wanted to keep my life here. But, I tend to get bored if I do the same thing for longer than a few years, so I started dreaming about what could keep me here in Brooklyn. Owning a salon was an obvious solution.

Q:  What's great about being a small business owner?

A: Owning a business is nothing like I thought it would be. It isn't better or worse; it is just constant. It is always on my mind. I like that it gives me purpose and drive. I like that other people are depending on me to provide a wonderful place to work, and I like that clients are enjoying a delightful space to get beautiful hair.

Q: What is challenging about being a small biz owner?

A: The challenges are many. One of my personal challenges is learning how to manage my time efficiently. I have been doing hair for 15 years and so have never had a desk job. It proves difficult to answer emails, order color and product and manage payroll without getting distracted. I’m learning, though!

Q:  What drew you to working with people's hair?

A: I honestly never knew that I would be doing hair for my work. As a kid, I loved watching my hair lady part my hair with clips and chop chunks of hair off my head. I thought it was dramatic and wonderful to look so different so fast. I enjoy reinvention and newness. Getting a new cut or color is one of the fastest way to feel different and fresh. I think I love that the most. I also love people so much. I learn a lot every day from my employees and my clients. It’s inspiring.

Q:  What do you love about living in Brooklyn?

A: I love the people everywhere. I like the energy that almost colliding into hundreds of people every day gives me. I like human interactions without actually interacting. It's a constant dance, and I love it.

Q: Is there anything about living here that is challenging?

A: One of the challenges of living in Brooklyn is how hard we all work. Work occasionally wears me down to a point of depression, and then I look out at the people around me and realize they are all working just as hard. It helps me energize again and get back to work:)

Q:  I know that you were raised as a Mormon, and that you no longer practice that religion.  How does that upbringing shape how you think about things and approach your everyday life?  
A: One of the things I love about being raised Mormon is the belief in continual growth and personal development. It shaped me in a way that makes me face my weaknesses and try to master them. I love that about the religion. I also love that I came from a family of 8 kids. I definitely learned how to work with many different personalities and to love them all.

Q:  What do you love to do when you are not in the salon?

A: Camping is one of my favorite summer activities. I can’t wait to get to the mountains upstate.

Q:  What are some of your favorite places to hang out?

A:  The park in Sunset Park and my roof are my two favorite spots. I also love The Sackett and The Gowanus Yacht Club.

Q:  Where do you see yourself and the salon a year from now?

A: The wonderful thing about Sara June is that our team is full of very talented and experienced stylists. We are growing incredibly fast, which is super exciting! I hope that in a year from now,  Sara June will be known as the place to go to get the best hair in Brooklyn - or in NYC for that matter!

For more information about Sara June Salon, visit their website:

This Q and A marks the first interview in what will be a series of interviews with owners of local barbershops and salons.  Stay tuned!
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