Friday, December 14, 2012


Man, I felt like such a lucky arts blogger this week when Bright Lyons Co-Owner Paul Bright offered to take me to the shop's basement to see his private and incredible collection of zines.

About a month ago, I was originally drawn into Bright Lyons, a "modern design, art, and curiosity shop," by the sight of a great Alexander Girard tapestry hanging from the ceiling.  During that original visit, Paul pointed me to an incredible and gigantic book about Girard's work.  I instantly fell in love with this visual journal of Girard's  life and art, and came back to the store again this week to take another look at it.

Turns out that Paul and his business partner Mandy Bright  possess the largest private collection of Girard's artwork and also serve as the top dealer in vintage Girard design. Impressive!

I plan on popping into Bright Lyons when I need my Girard fix.  Thanks, Paul and Mandy, for providing some Girardian inspiration!

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Melissa Guion said...

This is incredibly cool! Thanks for sharing!