Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I had seen previews of Paula Abdul's tv competition LIVE TO DANCE but never watched it until last week. By then, they were announcing the top three acts that would move on to this week's finale. I'm really glad I caught the last two shows. The dancing was fantastic, Paula was right in her element, and I liked all the encouragement given to very young dancers.

The second place act was young dancer Kendall Glover. Loved her athleticism.

Here's the start of a report on the winning couple from TV Eye:

The halfpint ballroom dancing couple from Miami, D'Angelo Castro & Amanda Carbajales, ages 9 and 10, were named "The Best Dance Act in America" Monday in the finale of Paula Abdul's "Live to Dance."

"I'm going to go to Disney World!" Castro declared upon winning the prize, $500,000.

In winning they beat the other youngster in the finale, Kendall Glover, 10, who came in second.

"Live to Dance" wasn't exactly a children's-only competition, but those were the two acts that got the most votes from home viewers.
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