Friday, October 15, 2010


For a year, I have been holding onto a wedding gift certificate for Crate & Barrel, waiting to find something really great. When I learned that Marimekko was coming to C&B in SoHo, I held on tightly to the certificate until the Merimekko portion of the store opened.

My memories of Marimekko go way back to when I was a kid and they had a shop in San Francisco. I always loved looking at the sharp prints featured on their fabrics. A Finish company, M dates back to the early 1950s. For more about them, take a peek at their website.

I felt like a youngin' let loose in a candy shop when I walked into the new M store tonight. So much color, pattern, texture and fun! I decided to get 2 pillows in the design above to spruce up our living room. These pillow designs remind me of the paintings of my good friend Cecilia Abs Andre.
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