Friday, May 07, 2010


Photo Credit: Librado Romero / The New York Times

What could be better on a bright, breezy, sunny day than to experience arts and culture across my two favorite places, Brooklyn and Manhattan?

Met with Louise Crawford, Executive Producer of the Brooklyn Blogfest. (Which takes place this year on June 8 at the Brooklyn Lyceum.) Heard the low-down on the program for this year. God bless Louise for founding and continuing this great tradition,

Met with artist and art teacher Cecilia Andre in her Upper East Side art studio. This is a place where young people and adults come for art classes. They are more like art workshops, because young people get to decide what art experiments they want to engage in. They tell Cecilia "This is not like school at all."

Strolled over in the early evening breeze to an old Upper East Side fav, Pintailles Pizza, for a slice. Watched UES goings on from the window.

Now over to the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is covered with a huge bamboo sculpture and throngs of people. Giant cocktail party!!! I want to go back when I can climb on the structure, which you can only do you if you are part of a tour.

And over to St. Ambroeus for gelato.

On the way back to the subway, I spot one of the Olsen twins tossing her cigarette onto the sidewalk before going into a Richard Prince opening.

Final stop - Zitomer's - a candy shop for people who love cosmetics and sparkly hair bands. Alas, I am there for the unglamorous item of earplugs. A girl's gotta sleep.

And back home to Brooklyn.

It was one of those perfect days.
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