Wednesday, October 07, 2009


On Monday, I met my friend Melissa (a/k/a Hip Slope Mama) and her family at Cobble Hill Cinemas to see the one-hour movie Shaun the Sheep.

CH Cinemas did a great job of publicizing this event; there were fliers posted in all the newspaper self-serve boxes in the area.

Shaun is a character from Wallace and Gromit
movies, and you can't help but fall in love with the little guy.

Brilliant that they created a bunch of little short stories with Shaun and his sheep pals and formed them into this hour-long fiesta.

Shaun is "a lamb with a plan who never follows the flock. Curious, resourceful and fun-loving, Shaun's mix of enthusiasm and inexperience is often a recipe for trouble."

There were two scenes from the shorts that I particularly loved. One was when the sheep flock, to avoid getting sheared un-artistically by their owner, dug a hole that led out to a poodle-grooming store. They go into the store and come out with spectacular lamb-dos, including a blue mohawk and cornrows secured at the ends with rainbow-colored beads.

The second scene was when the lamb-watcher dude (think Otto from The Simpsons) turns his transistor radio to a rock station while minding the flock. The sheep break out into dance, form a mosh pit, and do body rolls.

I came home with rave reviews and Mike promptly ordered a bunch of Sean DVDs from Netflix.I also signed up for the Sean Newsletter.

Sean, can I be President of your Fan Club?
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