Monday, September 01, 2008


Sensing that change is right around the corner, I have been holding on tightly to the last days of summer. Although I love small surprises and serendipity, I've been known to be a little fearful of the unknown.

But now I am excited about all the new and good things happening around me in these remaining days of summer. We have some wonderful new neighbors - a friendly family of four that seem very neighborly. (And, honestly, we were not sad to see the tenants who partied 'till the wee hours in their outdoor hot tub depart.) We've also been enjoying visits with our dear friends and their newborn baby. What a treat to get to know this young person in her earliest days!

Also: there is a small, new glass tealight candle holder atop the kitchen table to preserve and carry over the light of the summer. And.........yay! brother and his family are moving from Hawaii to California, which will make it much easier to visit them.

Tomorrow, as many young folks go back to school, I start my first day at a new part-time job at a great new(ish) nonprofit up the street. Founded and directed by Marisa Catalina Casey, Starting Artists offers free after-school classes in media arts and also "prepare[s] and inspire[s]youth to create arts-based enterprises."

Around the corner is an additional opportunity for growth: a 4-day workshop for women who are interesting in looking at the intersection of the identities of Jewish and female. We'll be looking at what's both great and challenging about being both those things.

So, here's to the end of one season and the rush of forward-changing movement that comes with a new one.
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