Thursday, January 31, 2008


When I was a young one and Valentine's Day was approaching, here's what my mom would do:she would spread an awesome array of arts 'n' crafts supplies across the kitchen table so we could all sit down and make cards for anyone we loved.Glue, beads, sequins, doilies, stickers, scissors, and construction paper were all at our disposal to fashion greetings for friends and relatives. Heaven. Pure Heaven!

From my mom's tradition I developed an understanding of Valentine's Day as a fun opportunity to show people love and caring in a creative way. In grade school and high school, I continued to make cards and get little gifts for friends and family. I also noticed that people sometimes got depressed around this time if they didn't have a "special someone." While it's great to have a special someone, it seems just as important to have lots of special people in our lives and to figure out different ways of showing our appreciation and affection for those folks. We can do that at any time, and Valentines Day is one of those times.

Here's an idea: Instead of buying a hugely expensive gift for one person, why not make or buy cards or little gifts for some of the many people who have made a difference to you -- friends, family, bosses, mentors, colleagues, customers, clients, and, yes, that special someone? I just spent the day writing out cards and savored the chance to remember all the great people in my life.

I invite you to think of five people who have inspired you and send each of them a Val Day greeting.
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