Friday, June 01, 2007


  1. Morgan Freeman, actor
  2. Cornell West, scholar and writer
  3. Josephine Baker, dancer and actress
  4. Bruce Dern, actor
  5. Bill Moyers, TV journalist
  6. Deigo Velazquez, artist
  7. Prince, singer and songwriter
  8. Frank Lloyd Wright, architect
  9. Johnny Depp, actor
  10. Maurice Sendak, children's book author and illustrator
  11. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, oceanographer
  12. Ann Frank, diarist
  13. Ally Sheedy, actress
  14. Margaret Bourke-White, photographer
  15. Helen Hunt, actor
  16. Stan Laurel, comic actor
  17. Dan Jansen, Olympic speed skater
  18. Isabella Rossellini, actor
  19. Kathleen Turner, actor
  20. Danny Aiello, actor
  21. Juliette Lewis, actor
  22. Bill Blass, fashion designer
  23. Wilma Rudolph, Olympic runner
  24. Michele Lee, actor
  25. Carly Simon, singer and songwriter
  26. Pearl S. Buck, writer
  27. Helen Keller, radical educator and writer
  28. John Cusak, actor
  29. Claude Montana, fashion desiginer,
  30. Lena Horne, actress and Singer

    -- taken from The Astrology Book of Days: An Illustrated Perpetual Calendar and from
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