Sunday, February 04, 2007


In years past, I've made Dream Collages or Treasure Maps. That's where you cut out magazine pictures which represent the things you want to bring into your life. You glue the pics down onto a large piece of posterboard and put the board in a place where you look often, like over your desk. The last couple of Dream Collages I made kept falling off the wall and took up a lot of space in my petite home office. Furthermore, they became like wallpaper - something I looked at so often that it faded into the background.

Last year, I decided to do something different; that something evolved into a Dream Binder. It's a 3-ring binder and in it I keep documents and mementos related to my goals for the year. I mostly use mag. photos or write notes on 3x5 cards to record what I want or what events occured that related to my dreams. OR I write something I want as if it has already occurred.

Quick Dream Binder tip: I use thin black paper covered by a thin plastic protector and designed for a 3-ring binder. This product makes it easy to slip in or glue down 3X5 cards or paper mementos.

Here's something interesting that happened in my dream binder last year: I cut out pictures of two things I wanted to win in the New York Public Library Sweepstakes. Although I did not win the spa vacation, I did win a gift certificate to a restaurant in Manhattan! In looking in Dream Binder 2006, I also see seeds of good things that have started to happen this year.

In summary, a Dream Binder is both a scrapbook and a crystal ball. You can look into it to see good things that happen along the way and to set your intentions for good things to come.

Try it! You'll like it!

( PS - The above photo of America Ferrera in her role of Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty is the cover of this year's Dream Binder. )
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