Saturday, September 17, 2011


My friend Lisa and I were standing in line at the NY Surf Film Festival last night, waiting to see First Love, a documentary about three teenage best friends in Australia who are competitive surfers. I was cranky that things were running late, and welcomed the opportunity to chat with the young women standing in line behind us. One of them, Mia Legg (left in photo), turned out to be President of the NYU Surf Club. I was pretty excited about the fact that a woman was leading that club and started talking to Mia about the need to have more women athletes represented in popular culture and all forms of media.

When I found out Mia is a journalism major, I said "You should start a zine about women athletes."

"What's a zine?" asked Mia.

I felt seriously old at that point.

But I explained how a lot of young women (and other folks) started zines in the 90s as a way to write and draw about stuff they were passionate about without worrying about catering to commercial interests.

Anyway, Mia takes folks out surfing at Rockaway Beach and also leads beach clean ups.

Wait, there's more.

* Mia is a skate and surf journalist who writes and makes videos for a bunch of sites
* She has her own awesome surf website - Sensucht...Is a Wave
* Mia works at Billabong
* In 2008, Mia was selected as 1 of 12 Teens of Achievement
* She is part of the Longboard Girls Crew
* She's Prez of the NY Surf Club:!/NYUSurfClub

Keep your eye on this woman!

Here's is a video Mia made about surfing in NYC:

Surfing NYC from Mia Legg on Vimeo

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